Born in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Marisol’s interest in photography developed from her love of films and her keenness to observe the (often surreal) world around her. 

Marisol's work is emotionally driven and often deals with the dynamics between immediacy and intimacy. From a fleeting encounter with a stranger on the underground to the intricacies of a love affair, what is at the core of her images is the relationship she establishes with the subject.

The photographer believes that good storytelling transcends medium and format and is not concerned with image hierarchies. As a result, her pieces combine lo-fi procedures with sophisticated photographic techniques. Her whimsical compositions are fresh, comical, and full of narrative intrigue.

Education :

2016-2017 University of The Arts London, MA Fashion Photography, London
2010-2015 Universidad de Palermo, BA Comunicación Audiovisual, Buenos Aires

Exhibitions :

2019 Time To Think, Festival Pil’Ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, France 2019 Everything I Ever Learnt, Cambridge University, Cambridge 2018 The Anti Art Fair, Unit 8, London
2018 Shutter Hub Open Encore, 53&3 Gallery, Amsterdam
2018 Shutter Hub Open, The Old Truman Brewery, London
2018 Nasty Women Liverpool, Constellations, Liverpool
2018 WO, Vane, Newcastle
2018 MA18 Exhibition: Media & Communication, Bargehouse, London
2015 Fotógrafos Emergentes, El Emergente, Buenos Aires


2019 Mulieris, Issue 00 ‘Shapes’
2019 Hot Sauce, Issue 01 ‘The Talk’
2018 The Portrait of Britain Book, published by Hoxton Mini Press